Day 9: Five Pet Peeves

Only five?? Where do I begin? Probably not the best day to post this one as I'm pretty hungover thanks to a day out with the ladies to a Jack Johnson concert at a nearby winery. A long Monday at work didn't help matters. Anyway, it's Day 9 and I'm pretty far behind in this journey to 365, so here goes...


1. People who love to hear themselves talk

Whether it's at work or in a social setting, I really get annoyed when people drone on and on without realising that they haven't taken a breath of air for several minutes, let alone asked anyone else what they might think about the topic at hand. One of the worst conversations I've ever had in my life was a phone call that lasted for almost an hour with someone who should have cared deeply about me and my wellbeing. Instead, she did not once ask me how I was doing. Can't say I'll ever forget that day. 

2. People who don't know the difference between knowing your shit and knowing you're shit. 

Bad grammar and spelling are right up there with people who chew with their mouths open. Don't text me to tell me that you like me alot. I'm never going to go out with you. And when I text back and awkwardly work "a lot" into a sentence just to show you the proper spelling, please take note that I am mocking you. 


3. That person who is always late

I don't like when I'm not in control of a situation (which is surely to be on someone else's pet peeve list) but the worst thing for this is that person who's always late. Once is a mistake. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is bad luck. But that person who is always, and without fail, late to meet you is simply inconsiderate. They think their time is more valuable than yours. It is just plain rude. And their excuses only make it worse. Own up to it and I may have a bit more respect for your inability to keep time. 

4. People who can't take responsibility for their own actions

"The world is against me." "The other person shouldn't have done that." "It's not my fault." I've heard them all. Problem is, they are downright false. There is no situation in this world that we can not change or affect. Yes, there are challenges and problems we may need to overcome but if we can't take responsibility for our own actions, what do we have left? Certainly not integrity. 

5. People (nearly everyone) who use social media in stupid ways. 

This is a three-parter so settle in. It drives me mental when couples confess their love to one another using social media. Yes, it's your 10 year anniversary - congrats - but do you really need to use Facebook to make sure your partner knows just how much you love them? WHY DON'T YOU PUT THE PHONE DOWN, MOVE A LITTLE CLOSER TO THEM ON THE COUCH AND TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL USING YOUR ... I DUNNO....VOICE?!" And maybe I'm a bit callous - ok, a lot (notice the proper spelling of the word) - but do dead people have Facebook? Because the outpouring of messages to the recently deceased makes me wonder what wifi package God has had installed beyond the pearly gates. Don't even get me started on the parents who post the fact that they might have to parent alone for a night or two without their spouse, parents or Lord, help me, their nanny. What do you think our parents did? Need I remind you that it was you who decided to have said kids? Maybe you should stop posting to Facebook every 5 minutes and actually parent? As a kid who grew up with divorced parents, let me assure you that your kids will survive. They may have to entertain themselves for a few hours or the IPad may have to stay on a little longer while you drink your morning coffee. But trust me, you'll get through it. And when you do, please don't post about this miraculous achievement on Facebook. It's just too much.